Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (HONOS) study

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Recidivism rates are of concern and may be compounded by psychiatric morbidity.  Mental health outcome measures, which assess an individual’s behaviour, impairment, symptoms and social functioning, psychological distress and functioning (life skills), are routinely collected in all States and Territories in Australia as part of the National Mental Health Strategy, yet the data is not always linked to other existing national databases.  Data-linkage has the potential to further inform on the interplay between mental health, offending behaviour, and service utilisation.

This project will use the Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (HONOS), Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10) and the Life Skill Profile (LSP-16) to examine psychiatric morbidity in the 45,000 inmates who have undergone mental health screening in NSW.  These records will be linked to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistic’s re-offending database to examine the potential impact of psychiatric morbidity and disability on re-offending rates.  

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