Exploring the relationship between mental illness and dementia and family and domestic violence (FDV) using Text Mining and data linkage

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This study aims to better understand the relationship between health conditions (i.e. mental illness, traumatic brain injury and dementia) of perpetrators and victims of family and domestic violence (FDV) and incidents of FDV, recidivism and judicial outcomes using Text Mining and data linkage.  We have already demonstrated the feasibility of Text Mining of police narratives in identifying the mentions of mental illness, traumatic brain injury and dementia among perpetrators and victims of FDV. Text Mining to identifyother characteristics of the people involved in FDV and the features of the FDV events are underway. Ethics approval for text mining is obtained from the UNSW HREC.  The proposed study will allow linkage of police data to the NSW Health diagnostic data and judicial data (NSW Bureau of Crime and Research). to examine the veracity of the mentions of health conditions in the police narratives. It will also examine proportions of those diagnosed with a health condition (i.e. mental illness, Traumatic brain injury and dementia) in FDV events. The features of FDV events and characteristics of those involved will be compared for those with and without a health condition.

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