Dr Lorraine Yap

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Lorraine Yap has been involved in the field of international and sexual health for the last ten years.  Her first academic appointment after being awarded her PhD in December 1999 was with the NHMRC funded "Sexual Health and Attitude of Australian Prisoners Study" at the University of New South Wales.  She started on this project in October 2005 and has since worked closely with Associate Professor Juliet Richters, Professor Tony Butler and Professor Basil Donovan. She was the qualitative researcher for the project and later project managed the behavioural survey component in Queensland prisons.

Prior to this, she has worked for non-academic institutions including, the China Ministry of Health, AusAID, international development agencies and non-government organisations. She has worked with commercial sex workers and injecting drug users, many of whom had been through compulsory detoxification and rehabilitation centres and forced labour camps.

Some of the types of projects she has been involved and related to sexual health include, the Popular Opinion Leader Project, a sexual health peer educator study funded by the University of California-National Institutes of Mental Health, and the Commercial Sex Workers in Five Provinces Project funded by the World AIDS Foundation.  Her previous projects related to injecting drug users include, the Needle Social Marketing Project in Guangxi and Guangdong Province funded by the World AIDS Foundation, the Drug User Rapid Assessment and Response in Beijing Project funded by the World Health Organization, and the Guangxi IDU Project to Implement a Needle Social Marketing Intervention funded by the China Ministry of Health.  She has developed health policy and initiated proposals and/or managed projects involving both qualitative research and epidemiological behavioural surveys.  

She is currently one of the chief investigators and the qualitative researcher for the NHMRC funded “Hepatitis C, Prisons and Treatment Opportunities (HePATO)” study and is the chief investigator for the AusAID funded study “Strengthening China’s response to HIV, TB and HIV/TB co-infection in labour camps (lao jiao suo) in Guangxi Autonomous Region: developing a prevention model to inform national policy”.