Our People

Chief Investigators

The CRE in Offender Health is led by a team of Chief Investigators (CIs) who meet twice a year to discuss the prioritisation and implementation of research conducted by the CRE and to facilitate the distribution of CRE funds.   


Members of the CRE CI team include

  • Prof Tony Butler (Lead CI)
  • Prof Andrew Lloyd
  • A/Prof Peter Schofield
  • Mr James Ward
  • Prof Phillip Mitchell
  • Prof David Greenberg
  • Dr Jill Guthrie
  • Prof John Kaldor
  • A/Prof Kimberlie Dean
  • Dr Georgina Chambers


Executive Committee

The CRE Executive Committee is comprised of four annually elected CIs who act as representatives of the different research themes within the CRE.  The Executive Committee meet four times a year to discuss the day-to-day running of the CRE and to assess research project progress.